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Battle Station Set Sail

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IV. Set Sail

IVa. Attack (PvP)
PvP is the most efficient and consistent means to generate experience with AP (usually). However, it carries high risk due to fishers, and your results are inconsistence and may be limited by the targets available at your level.

Refer to Va. The Early Levels.

IVaa. Defense (PvP)
This is what is commonly called fishing.

Salvage your ship and remove the protection with the proper loadout. Go to “Explore & Attack.” Then go to “Attack.” Refresh the page while hitting “Show valid targets.” Whenever your HP falls, go to the bottom of the page and hit “Quick Repair.” Then enter the pre-selected value minus 1 for AP or gold; if you repair using AP, I recommend using gold to cover the rest, every HP does indeed count.

Fishing can be done slow, semi-slow, or fast. Slow defenders depend on their bulk to absorb damage while managing to kill the attacker with Cannons, Subcannons, and Rams. Semi-slow defenders exist mostly in Clan Wars, staying a comfortable distance away from 50 speed attackers while attacking with Missiles. Fast defenders also use Missiles, but stay a comfortable distance away from slower attackers using all their speed gear. Faster defenders will need Nav; if you are faster than them, they need Missiles to hit you (SPEED IS ARMOR).

IVb. Explore (PvE)
Exploration is the a well-rounded means to obtain gold, experience, and resources through sheer luck.

Probabilities (Explorers in parentheses):
Nothing 60.0% (55.0%)
Encounter 10.0% (10.0%)
Good Event 12.5% (15.0%)
Bad Event 12.5% (12.5%)
Rare Item/Resource Item 5.0% (7.5%)

Generally speaking, even the most incompetent players can take down a NPC, as they are less dangerous than human players in every possible way.

IVc. Mining
Mining is the most efficient and consistent means to generate resources with AP. However, it carries high risk.

You cannot mine in Imperial.

Mining is influenced by two factors:
1) The quality of the mining team purchased.
2) The amount of AP spent.

The most optimal gains come from 100k and 50 AP. This is dependent of course, on the cost of Ore and Plasma Rocks.

When you buy a mining team, you do not keep it. You must re-purchase it if you wish to mine again.

Engineers are half as likely to suffer from mining accidents. Some claim better mining teams correlate with mining accidents rather than the reverse, but this is all just rumor (or is it?).

IVd. Trading
Trading is the most efficient and consistent means to generate gold with AP at no risk.

Trading is influenced by two factors:
1) Your capacity. Be sure to un-equip all of your items before you trading.
2) Your friends with Battle Stations! Add clanmates or go here:

Every friend with BS increases trade income. Just add 50 of them, then go to your Notification Preferences (top-center of your Home page) and add the strangers to the "no notifications" list.

Traders gain twice as much gold per AP compared to other classes.

IVe. Travel (and Shops)
Travelling relocates you from one port to another at the cost of AP. It can be used to shop or to avoid being killed at inconvenient times during Clan Wars. If you cannot buy items on auction, then you must buy it on location.

Imperial City Port: Specializes in Cannons, the bulkiest Armor, it and hosts the ships with the most weapon slots of their class (Albatross, Vanguard, Battle Royale). This is where you go if you want to PvP, as the most people are in Imperial at any given point in time. You cannot Mine in Imperial.

Al Amraan Dock: Specializes in Subcannons and Rams, and it hosts the two bulky ships (Aegis and Obsidian Destroyer).

Corxas Jungle Quay: Specializes in Missiles (especially the higher level ones) and it hosts the three fastest ships of their class (Manta, Hammerhead, and Trident). This is where you go if you do not want to PvP, as nobody comes to Corxas except to buy Missiles, only to leave promptly.

Jade Archipelago Harbour: Specializes in experimental weaponry and parts, and it hosts the best merchant vessels (Enterprise, Merchant O’War, and Cargo Dirigible). Although it is furthest away from Imperial, it is more popular than Corxas due to its shopping.

Flying City of Aeros: This is where all the high-end industrial weapons are. It is expensive to travel here though. You cannot Explore, Attack, Mine, or Trade in Aeros.

Items are listed in a chart. If any of the boxes are red, then you do not meet a certain requirement. If it is weight, the problem can be corrected easily. When you purchase an item, it automatically equips onto your ship, so do not be alarmed that it isn’t in your overall inventory. You will not be allowed to equip items that you do not meet the level or weight requirements for.

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