Battle Station Classes and Stats

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Battle Station Classes and Stats

Post  Chibibi on Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:16 pm

I. Classes

Every class has its own set of stats and bonuses. All stat bonuses are rounded up.

Ia. Commander - 1 Gunnery 1 Craft 1 Nav
Distinction: 2 investable stats per level, but has .5 more stats overall.

Ib. Pirate - 1.5 Gunnery
Distinction: Increased 20% gold from combat.

Ic. Engineer - 1.5 Craft
Distinction: Decreased 50% disaster rate for mining. Auto-repair in 48 hours. 8 AP salvage, reduced repair cost.

Id. Explorer - 1.5 Navigation
Distinction: Increased 2.5% good event and 2.5% rare event for exploring (50% increase).
See IVb. Explore.

Ie. Trader - 1 Navigation .5 Craft
Distinction: 100% more gold from trade. Gains (crappy) experience from trading.
See IVd. Trade.

II. Stats

IIa. Gunnery
Every 2 points increases the damage of cannons, sub-cannons, and missiles by 1%.

IIb. Craft
Every point increases the HP of the ship by 1%, based on the ship’s base HP. Every 10 points increases Armor by 1.

IIc. Navigation
Every 2 points increases the damage of rams by 1%. Every 4 points increases the damage of missiles by 1%. Every 25 points increases the armor of your ship by 1.

IId. Armor
Although not an investable stat, this stat is generated by a mixture of Craft and Nav. Hulls also add Armor.


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