[Guide] Festival penting di harvest moon PS1

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[Guide] Festival penting di harvest moon PS1

Post  GinChan on Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:39 pm

1st of Spring - New Year's Festival O
You would wake up and be automatically taken up to the Summit. Talk to
everyone but talk to the Priest last for the sunrise to begin. By talking to
the Fortune Teller, you would get your fortune told. (At last she's doing
something that a typical fortune teller does) The result is insignificant
in my opinion, but I'm still unsure if it will affect the game. After this,
talk to the Mayor's Wife for the day to end without saving. No work is done
today but the livestocks won't mind.

O 23rd of Spring - Flower Festival O
Go to town before 3PM to enter the decorated Towns Square. The Fat Goddess
from the Springs would here, talk to child with red hair to get more info.
The Peddler would also be there to sell you the Seed of Snow Flower for
2000G. Don't worry if you can't afford it first year, cause it will appear
again the same time next year. There is also a perfume stand set up. There
are 3 types of perfumes for sell, all 1000G. Here is which perfume you should
give for which girl.
Nina: Any
Ann: Blue
Ellen: Pink
Eve: Pink
Maria: Blue
After talking to everyone, then talk to the Mayor's Wife. Talk to the Mayor
and if you're ready, end the day by picking a girl to dance with.

O 12th of Fall - Harvest Festival O
Enter town with something to cook before 3PM. A fish or Full Moon Plant to
get the Power Fruit. Otherwise, you can even bring nothing if you can't be
bothered. There is also a rice ball and dumplings stand set up by the
Shippers. It costs 200G for a rice ball and 300G for a dumpling. For each
dumpling, it would raise your happiness points by three. For each rice ball,
it would raise your happiness points by one. Is it worth it you ask? Well
this is the only occasion where you may add as many happiness points as you
like without a limit - except for you money supply. Buy a few if you want,
just don't go overload on them. Talk to everyone then choose someone to
dance with.

O 20th of Fall - Egg Festival O
A bunny would be in the Town Square if you enter before 3PM. You can talk to
others, but talk to the Mayor to begin the game. The Mayor will show
different colour of eggs on the table in front of him for each round. You
will have to run around town, searching for treasure chests. Open the chest
then run back to the Mayor as fast as possible if the colour of egg is the
same as the Mayor's. The colour of eggs in each chest should be memorised in
case that colour shows up in future rounds. There are five rounds in total,
meaning finding three of the right eggs would be enough to win. The prize is
delivered to your house the next morning. See QUESTS for details. Just talk
and walk around for the day to end.

O 10th of Winter - Thanksgiving O
Run into town before nightfall. Talk to all the girls to recieve a cake...
that's if they have over 3 hearts in their dairy. Maria is REALLY a killer
here if she doesn't have 3 hearts because she would have given everyone cakes
except for you... you'll know what I mean. Anyway, all buildings are closed
except for the Church and Mayor's House. Maria is in the Church while the
other girls are just walking about. Ellen, funny enough, is in the corner of
the Town Square, almost hiding. Don't ask me about Eve, cause even though the
Bar is still opened at night, it just seems like a normal night. Although
today is a festival, there is no dancing.

O 24th of Winter - Star Night Festival O
Considered to be a romantic Festival. When you wake up, you will do nothing
but wait until night, where you are given a choice of 5 places to go. No work
is done but don't worry about it - it's Winter. Each girl would be at each of
these places and this is what happens:

: Public Square - Ellen
An angel is in the middle. The Mayor, his wife, Ellen's Mum and the Fortune
Teller are there as well. Talk to the Fortune Teller to have her read the
horoscopes, even though she will say Ellen anyway unless you are married, at
which would be your wife. You can't talk to Ellen until you have spoken to
everyone else. The day then ends without saving.

: Mountain Top - Nina
You would watch a shooting star with Nina. You listen to her talk. Not much
happens really.

: Church - Maria
As if we haven't guessed who is here. The Shippers, the children, the Priest
and the lonely Bachelor you see around town is here. The Old Shipper blocks
your exit and you can't leave. Talk to everyone before talking to Maria.

: Spa - Ann
You would appear at the side of the Spa. You see something orange in the Spa
and would not go near it if you can run out of the screen. Anyway, jump in
through the changing hut like normal. Talk to Ann and wait for the night to
end. It's actually quite funny when you actually don't listen to her at all.

: Bar - Eve
Yep, she's still working. The carpenters block the way out of the screen.
Apart from them, the Drunk (Ellen's dad), Flower Shop owner (Nina's mum) and
Tools Shop owner (Ann's dad) are there. I think you have to talk to everyone
twice or something until Eve says something else instead of being busy. You
drink the "juice" and the day ends.

That's really all the festivals here. The other incidents and speical events
should be in the QUESTS or HEARTS section already. If not, you may try and
contact me.
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Re: [Guide] Festival penting di harvest moon PS1

Post  goril on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:25 pm

wahhh.. lumayan lengkap kyknya.. hehhehe.. di share juga cara maennya di pc biar lebih asikk.. :p

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